United States Succumb to Germany but still Moves forward to Knockouts

That’s right. US is advancing to the knockout stage of the World Cup despite being beaten by Germany. The match was played at Arena Pernambuco, Recife. It was obvious that Germany the dominated the game but US put out a fight worth watching by the crowd.

Germany had a total shot of 13 having 9 of them on target while USA only had 4 having only one of those shots on target. It was also clear that Germnay had higher possession rate at 63% compared to US’ 37%. But was USA’s goalkeeper who shined bright for the team having been able to accumulate 8 saves all throughout.

The match ended with a final score of 0-1 in favor of the Germans. The sole goal occurred at the 55nd minute of the game courtesy of Germany’s forward, Thomas Muller.  The goal that the 24 year old German footballer made is the lone reason of US defeat.

But USA did not go home deflated as the same goal caused them to advance to the knock out changes. Apparently, Portugal’s win over Ghana, 2-1, left USA at the second place with a 1-1-1 record in their group. The standing was good enough for the team to advance.

According to Jurgen Klinsmann, USA Team coach “It’s huge for us, getting out of this group. Everybody said you have no chance. We took that chance, and we move on and now we really want to prove a point.”

When US goalkeeper Tim Howard was interviewed he answered “Today was a tough game, tough conditions. Hats off to Germany. I think they have a chance to win the World Cup — that’s how good I think they are. But we get to the round of 16. It shows how far we’ve come that we’re not happy, that we want to progress.”

Now that USA has advanced to the next round, they would need to work not only on their defense but focus more on their offense in order to secure a goal. They would be facing tougher competition when the knockout stages would begin and they would need all the skills, training and bravado in order to be at par or even stay ahead of the game.

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