Upcoming Smartphones This 2014 Led By iPhone 6! Which Phones Are Under The Radar? What Can Users Expect From LG And Samsung?

There are many superb devices on the market at the moment running Android and many more making their way out this year. So should you wait to see what’s coming?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could be worth waiting for and it should be arriving in the fall. The Note range offers the stylus with handwriting input, floating apps and much more. The stylus uses the technology of Wacom and no other capacitive styluses can match its quality.

It has been suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have the Super AMOELD display of 6 inches and it could go past 1080p. Of course it will also have superb specs and packed with RAM.

LG is firmly among the hottest handsets on Android. They have gone on to make some of the most powerful devices in the world, as opposed to mid-range devices. They have worked with Google on Nexus handsets and offered the G and G2 devices. So what about the LG G3?

On the LG G2 the LCD panel was stunning and the next could be even better. It is thought that we will see a display of 5.5 inches at 2560 x 1440. There could be 3GB of RAM and maybe the Odin octa-core processor. Of course we expect the LG G3 to arrive with the same odd back facing buttons as the predecessor.

It is rumored that the camera could be 16MP or higher and it may offer 4k video recording. It is thought that the handset could arrive in the middle of summer.

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