Uruguay moves up to the Knockouts defeating Italy

Uruguay will be moving forward to the top 16 of the FIFA world cup knockouts right after winning against Italy on a 1-0 victory. Italy on the other hand will be going home early into the games without qualifying to the knockouts. This is the second world cup that Italy was sent home during the preliminaries.

Uruguay only needed a draw in order to advance to the knockouts but it was not good enough for them. They felt the need to do more and managed to grasp the win between Italy.

Italy’s performance was weak during the games but they had higher possessions percentage compared to that of Uruguay. Uruguay on the other hand had 14 total shots having 9 of them on target while Italy only had 9 totals host and 5 on target.

The first half as well as the early second half of the match was uninteresting, so to say. But Italy was put to a disadvantage on the second half when Italy midfielder, Claudio Marchisio, was sanctioned with a red card during the 59 minute of the game.

It took Uruguay a long time before they were able to manage a goal on the 81 minute by defender, Diego Godín. It was better late than never for team Uruguay as this placed them on a secure slot for the knockout.

What’s interesting during the game was when Uruguay striker, Luis Suarez, was into a commotion with the Italian defender, Giorgio Chiellini. He has been accused by the latter of biting him on his shoulder in which Suarez vehemently denied. If this is indeed true, these will the third time in his professional career that he had bitten someone during a game.

FIFA organizers are currently investigating on the issue and if found guilty may be suspended for up to two years. The first time Suarez bit someone was in 2010. He was playing for Ajax with a score of 0-0. A commotion surrounded the referee and for some unknown reason, he sunk his teeth to Otman Bakkal left shoulder.

Even if FIFA organizers may look pass the issue, football fans may have a different take on the matter. 

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