Victor Mooney Rescue Successful; Mooney Floating in Water for Two Weeks after Surviving Shark Attack

Victor Mooney rescue mission was successful as he is brought to shore after surviving a shark attack and spending two weeks floating in the ocean. Mooney is an American rower who set out to cross the Atlantic Ocean to honor his brother.

His spokesperson, Lisa Samuels, told the press early Saturday that the special rowboat of his was towed 20 miles to the shore, while Mooney was safe and sound aboard a search and rescue vessel. Mooney lost 80 pounds as he journeyed 3,000 miles from the coast of Africa to the British Virgin Islands. Plus, he survived over 1,800 miles to New York.

Victor Mooney rescue team brought him to the hospital for further observation. According to the statement of Samuels, Mooney’s boat was punctured when the shark attacked it and that Mooney will be getting “some needed rest.”

Mooney first set off on the 19 of February in a boat that spans for 24 feet. His starting point was in Maspolamas, Gran Canaria. He did this journey in honor of his late brother who passed away because of AIDS in 1983. His purpose was to encourage people to do voluntary HIV testing.

This was not the 1 time that Mooney attempted such journey. In fact, he has tried a similar journey three other times, all, unfortunately, unsuccessful. His 1 one was a trans-Atlantic attempt in 2006. He built a 24-foot rowboat made of wood all on his own. Sadly, however, his handiwork sank off the coast of West Africa, just a couple hours after he pushed it off from the Senegal shoreline.

Only three years after his 1 try, he did once again. This time with an oceangoing rowboat that was built by a professional. The drinking water systems of the boat failed after two weeks out on the sea. This was the first-ever Victor Mooney rescue mission.

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