[VIDEO] iPhone 6 vs LG G3 Square-Off! Apple’s Flagship Smartphone And Tablet Pits Against The Android Competition! 5.5-Inch Mockup Compared To 5s And Other Phablets!

The iPhone 6 vs LG G3 square-off gets hands-on, with a high-definition comparison video posted by a reputable tech insider and reviewer.

Rumors of the new iPhone 6 models persist as the September (supposed) release date looms. 4.7 and 5.5-inch models are set for launch, the latter squaring off with competing Android phablets.

Specs for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 leaked from Apple manufacturer Foxconn a few months ago. Mockups of the device has since been produced, used for comparisons against competing tablets, including Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 and the LG G3.

A 9to5Mac video recently posted pits the iPhone 6 tablet to the iPhone 5s, the latter practically dwarfed by the comparison. Unconfirmed news peg the release dates for the iPhones separate, although Bloomberg reports it’s also likely the launch will be simultaneous, in response to the competition’s fall lineup.

LG had a good head start against Apple with last month’s G3 launch (in South Korea); Apple is keeping development of its flagship device under wraps. With the iOS 8 scheduled for a fall launch, the tech giant is planning a significant, massive reveal as early as September.

The iPhone 6 vs LG G3 video is still speculative, but the Apple smartphone mockup is the best seen so far. The tech reviewer’s credibility also validated much of the comparisons (



LG announced a worldwide launch for the G3 on June 27, with initial releases to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Release for the rest of Asia, as well as for Europe and the Middle East starts next month.

Sprint and Verizon confirms LG G3 handsets are available in the US around July 17 (



Specs for the LG G3 are confirmed and impressive, with a 5.5-inch QHD display with 2560×1440 resolution, 534 ppi. An iPhone 6 vs LG G3 comparison is still sketchy, but the mockup video is a reasonable estimate of how the devices fare against each other come the iPhone 6 release date.

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