Walking Dead Survival Instinct Cheat/Tips/Tricks: Find Out How To Speed Up Progress In The Game

is a single-player shooter video game developed by Terminal Reality and published by Activision. The game acts as a prequel to the TV series which revolves around the story of Daryl Dixon, who takes on a hunting trip with his uncle and father. It also focuses on Daryl and his brother Merle Dixon’s journey to Atlanta during a zombie apocalypse.

Here are some tricks to speed up progress in the game:

While players can cheat walkers in the game by sprinting past them, some might consider attacking the zombies with a melee weapon. The trick is to walk behind the walkers silently and kill them. Melee weapons are useful for they can be as efficient as a gun minus the noise that could trigger zombie attacks. Through this, the player can save up more ammunition.

The player’s car can only load up to 10 slots, so there’s no need to carry weapons that are no longer useful.  By emptying the inventory, the player can have more space for ammunition or food supplies as well.

Players should always try to get on higher grounds like building roofs and vehicle tops. With this tactic, one can easily target zombies and instantly shoot them with guns or crossbows. Take advantage of walkers’ inability to jump or climb.

Dismiss the weaker survivors and recruit the stronger ones. The player can discover survivor’s skills by clicking on the person. If this characteristic is not available, check their health points instead and get the ones having more life points.

To prevent walkers from stabbing players from behind, it is important to close the doors in every building or large room. In the advanced stages of the game, zombies will have the capacity to break down wooden doors and get right through them. With this tip however, players can at least slow them down.

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