Wanderlei Silva Sonnen Face The NSAC On Random Drug Test Wraps! Chael Suspended, Match-Up Unlikely Until Both Clear Their Cases

The Wanderlei Silva Sonnen match is still the frenzy in MMA; the recent controversy regarding Silva’s refusal to submit blood and urine samples to the NSAC became a side story to the hype.

Silva came clean before the Nevada State Athletic Commission this week, admitting he avoided the agent sent by the commission to collect blood and urine samples, as part of a random drug test. Silva maintained the reason for the refusal was that he was under diuretics at the time.

The NSAC is expected to file a formal complaint against Silva, and the athlete’s appearance in front of the Commission was mere formality, which is appreciated.

Silva was somewhat relieved with the admission, and posted a video Wednesday explaining the situations which led to the turnout. If anything, the controversy builds up hype in future matches between Wanderlei Silva Sonnen.

“I am relieved to have solved this problem. We explained to them the circumstances and that I was not using any PEDs. I injured my wrist in February and after that I felt extreme pain in training. So I was prescribed anti-inflammatories and that made my wrist swell up, so then I started taking diuretics to expel the water out.”

“When they sent that guy to my gym, I was still taking diuretics. And when you fail a test people don’t want to know if it was diuretics or steroids. I don’t use PEDs or steroids. I have nothing to hide and I am glad we solved this.”

NSAC Chairman Fransico Aguilar will take necessary measures in consideration to Silva’s statement. “With that information, I will move forward with the Executive Director and determine how we will file this complaint.”

Chael Sonnen is facing a similar dilemma, having been suspended by the NSAC for failing his drug test the same day Silva avoided his. Wanderlei Silva Sonnen are set to face their own hearings before any possibility of a match-up is considered (



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