Warwick Davis Wants To Join Star Wars VII? Actor Has ‘Dropped A Lot Of Hints,’ Been A Fan Since Seven Years Old

“Harry Potter” star Warwick Davis made known his desire to join the cast of the currently in-production Star Wars VII.

Speaking to MailOnline at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley Opening, the actor admitted, “I’ve dropped a lot of hints, but who knows?”


f the script called for it, I’m sure they’d pick up the phone.” The 44-year-old Davis added, I’m just glad as a fan that they are making this film at the moment.”

He made appearances in Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace in 1999 and still remains hopeful to get a part in the future.

The Star Wars series is a big part of Davis’ life. He played the role of Wiket the Ewok in the 1983 film when 11-year-old Davis’ grandmother heard the casting call for people under 4 feet tall. The movie was his acting debut.

I’m excited about it because of the fact that I was a fan since I was seven,” the actor further tells The Daily Mail. He also commented on the black and white photograph Star Wars VII’s new cast ensemble, calling it “an exciting moment.”.

When asked about the crew behind the new movie, Davis only had words of praise. He believes that producer Kathleen Kennedy will take good care of the film. “I think we’re in for a treat,” he added.

Regarding Star War’s VII’s director, Davis admitted, “I love JJ Abrams’ work. Some of his movies-particularly Super 8 and what he did with Star Trek-was brilliant so I’m just really excited to see what he does.”

The new Star Wars installment is set 30 years after 1983’s Return of the Jedi. Recently, cast member Harrison Ford was hospitalized after a door fell on him during filming. The veteran actor reportedly broke his leg and is currently recuperating. The 71-year-old actor is eager to get better and rejoin production.

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