Watch Dogs Cheats: Unleash Secret Weapons, Vehicles, And Costumes Following Few Easy Steps! Infinite Money, Bonus XP, And Gaining Level 50 Detailed!

Watch Dogs Cheats: Most gamers would find Watch Dogs simply as an action-packed game where you just want to go along with the story. But there will always be gamers who wouldn’t feel right if they miss out on something. For those who want their game 100 percent complete, read on!

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon:

Biometric assault rifle: Successfully complete the pre-order Signature Shot DLC missions.

Tommy Gun: Find all QR Codes to unlock the QR Code investigation mission. Successfully complete the mission to unlock the Tommy Gun weapon.

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding vehicle:

Vespid LE: Collect all eight hidden burner phones.

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus:

ATM hack boost: Successfully complete the “Palace Pack” mission. This boost increases cash rewards when hacking banks.

Investigation bonus: Successfully complete the “Palace Pack” mission. This bonus allows more investigative opportunities inside the network databanks.

Vehicle expert perk: Successfully complete the ULC mission in “The Breakthrough Pack”. This perk allows free vehicles from the Underground Car Contact and discounts on selected cars.

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding outfit:

Black Viceroys outfit: Successfully complete the pre-order “Signature Shot” DLC missions.

Blume Agent outfit: Unlocked through the “Blume Agent Pre-Order Pack”. It gives a weapon boost (greatly reduced recoil).

Chicago South Club outfit: Unlocked through “The Club Justice Single Player Pack”. It gives a driving boost (more hit points to vehicles).

CyberPunk outfit: Unlocked through “The CyberPunk Single Player Pack”. It gives the Cyberpunk gun.

DedSec outfit: Unlocked through “The DedSec Shadow Single Player Pack”. It gives a hacking boost (one battery slot).

Untouchables outfit: Unlocked through “The Untouchables Pre-Order Pack”. It gives the Thompson submachine gun.

White Hat Hacker outfit: Successfully complete the four PlayStation exclusive missions. It gives a hacking boost (one battery slot).

Leave the hideout next to the river and train tracks. Turn around, and run to the highway. Kill the civilians in their vehicles to raise your wanted level. The higher your wanted level is the more XP you earn when you escape the police. As long as the civilians stay in their vehicles, the police will not be called. Turn around, and proceed down the freeway until you reach the train tracks below. Keep killing the civilians in their vehicles until the wanted level is full. When the wanted level is full, proceed to the L-Train Station. Jump over the fence, and steal any vehicle. Once you obtain a vehicle, get caught by the yellow scan to send the maximum number of cops after you. Smash through the fence, and drive down the tunnel. Stop on the left side of the tracks, and wait inside your vehicle until the train appears. Start driving backwards so the train can enter the tunnel. The train will not hit your vehicle. Leave the vehicle, and enter the train. This is where you will be leveling up. When the white scan ends, you will be rewarded with 300 XP for “Police Evasion”. Run to the end of the tunnel while you are in the train. When the white scan ends, wait for the helicopter to leave your area, then shoot the ground to cause the white scan to appear again, giving the cops another 50 seconds to find you. Since you are in an area where the cops will not find you, you simply just have to wait the 50 seconds to be rewarded with another 300 XP. Repeat this process as many times as desired. Note: There are times when the wanted meter will decrease. This is because you took too long to shoot the ground. If this happens, just kill one of the civilians in the train to get your wanted level back to the maximum level. Additionally, Watch Dogs does not autosave when you level up. You have to go back to the hideout and sleep to save your progress. Thus, it is recommended to save every ten levels to avoid any chance of losing too much progress.

Go to the high stakes poker game in the northern area of The Loop. There is a large buy in to the game, but it has a lot of earning potential. While you are not dealing during the poker game, hack into the camera on the left side of the room. Use the camera to see how stressed the other players are and which cards are being dealt and held. You can then make smart bets and play your cards using those advantages.

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