Watch Dogs For PC: Having Troubles With Your Game? Ubisoft’s TD Addresses Player’s Issues And Says They Are Already Working On An Update!

Watch Dogs For PC: Gamers all over the world are already enjoying the newly released game by Ubisoft, Watch Dogs. Word has it that the game is simply spectacular and is such a sight to behold. One thing for sure is Ubisoft will definitely aim to improve this game further.

Watch_Dogs was released last May 27 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. Ever since it’s release, it has struck the milestone of fastest-selling game in publisher Ubisoft’s history. But still once it was released, there was a number of technical issues facing gamers like being unable to log in to Uplay, which for PC players was awful as it makes them unable to launch the game at all, and PlayStation players faced trouble downloading their preorders from the PlayStation Store.

Sebastian Viard, Graphics TD on Watch Dogs at Ubisoft, already addressed the issues in his Twitter account.

Although the patch’s goal is completely away from solving these issues, it is set to solve some performance issues that faced even the toughest gaming PC but they had something in common which is an AMD hardware. This sparked an argument between Nividia and AMD, AMD thinks that these performance issues are “deliberate”.

“Gameworks represents a clear and present threat to gamers by deliberately crippling performance on AMD products (40% of the market) to widen the margin in favor of NVIDIA products,” AMD’s Robert Hallock told Forbes. “Participation in the Gameworks program often precludes the developer from accepting AMD suggestions that would improve performance directly in the game code-the most desirable form of optimization.”

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