Watch Dogs Update: Multiplayer Scoring Changes! Never Lose Notoriety Even If You Can’t Find The Hacker; A Way To Finish The Entire Game!

Ubisoft recently announced some changes when it comes to multiplayer scoring of the open-world action game

As seen on the game’s forums, first change has to do with “invasions”. From now on, the victim of a hacking invasion will never lose Notoriety, even if he can’t find the hacker. Also, if the player’s behind a duel, he will still gain Notoriety as long as he has passed a few checkpoints.

“Now, no one will have a reason to quit a match before it’s finished,” Ubisoft explains.

Second change deals with the

wherein the player on a mobile device will now be allowed to fight against someone on console or PC.

While a lot of players take these changes positively, some might contend that removing the Notoriety penalty will only encourage some players to ignore “invasions”. Pete Haas of

shares on his article, “Why go through the trouble of finding some hacker if you’ve got nothing to lose? I enjoy the Invasions but there are plenty of times when I just can’t be bothered with it… If I’m not going to lose Notoriety, that’s going to make me even more indifferent.”

Watch Dogs has a variety of Multiplayer modes also known as Online Contracts. The Invasion category challenges the player to track down intruding hackers, profile them, and kill them before they can completely install a backdoor into the network.

Another popular multiplayer mode is the Online Hacking, where players infiltrate the game of other players. Mission is to locate them and furtively install a backdoor into their network.

The multiplayer mode allows up to eight players to participate in both cooperative and competitive gameplay. was released last May 27, 2014, wherein players control a highly skilled hacker Aiden Pearce. It started ruling the gaming charts but it was recently knocked out by EA Sports UFC.

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