[WATCH] Expendables 3 Trailer, Explosive Full Tease! New Stars Added To Lineup; Kellan Lutz Joins Spectacular Cast!

An awesome cast assembles in the new “Expendables 3” trailer; a full, official tease with the complete roster of heroes and villains shamelessly showcased.

The 80’s comes back to life in the third and (supposedly) final installment in the Expendables series, with an all-star cast to boot. Expendables 3 full trailer debuts today, confirming the lineup for the team’s last campaign.

Following up on the shameless mayhem of the previous two installments, “Expendables 3” stays faithful to the formula of cheesy lines, huge explosions, and an assembly of action superstars too numerous to top-bill on a promotional poster.

Expendables 3 is slated for an August 14 (UK) release; though initial reaction to the tease is positive, the appeal is obviously geared toward a more mature (or senior) audience.

The younger crowd may consider action stars Wesley Snipes and Dolph Lundgren strangers, but the addition of new blood Ronda Rousey and Kellan Lutz maintain the series’ appeal, especially after Liam Hemsworth’s character was killed on “Expendables 2.”

The new, full-length “Expendables 3” trailer is a shameless salute to vintage 80’s action cinema, with Patrick Hughes at the helm and director’s seat. At least

sixteen character posters have been released over the past two months, showcasing a lineup of familiar and new faces, both for real-life and staged action fans.

Heroes of the Octagon fight side-by-side with big-name action stars; Ronda Rousey and Randy Couture with Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham and more. There’s also a new villain on the block, with an A-list actor expected to fill in his shoes (



Mel Gibson’s Stonebanks, the super-team’s founder with an ax to grind, muses: “How hard can it be to kill ten men?” Each installment revives action stars out of retirement, and it’s unlikely the series will run out of heroes if it ever has plans of a quadrilogy. The new international “Expendables 3” trailer is now officially available, with follow-ups likely in the coming months.

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