Wayne Rooney felt sorry after a loss against Uruguay for England.


England has undergone elimination from the World Cup, a second time since 1958, prior to them playing the last group game. The team goes back home after a match with Costa Rica at Belo Horizonte.

“Obviously we are hurting,” Rooney said to reporters after the match. “We are really disappointed to be out of the tournament.

“I am sure you can imagine it is quite tough and will be a long few days for us, but we have to pick ourselves up for this game on Tuesday.

“We will go out there fighting, show our pride. But overall we are disappointed and you know it is not a great feeling to go out of the tournament after two games so we want to try and restore some of our pride back.” Rooney says even further.

Rooney posted the following on his Facebook account: “Absolutely devastated to be out of the World Cup. “Going into each game we had great belief in ourselves but unfortunately it hasn’t worked out.

“Sorry to all the fans that travelled and at home that we haven’t done better…gutted!”

Joe Hart, a goalkeeper who scored 4 goals for the team, said: “I can’t thank people enough for making this trip to Brazil, for making the efforts at home, for staying up for us, for revolving their work around us.”I want to thank them. I can’t imagine the sacrifices they have made. We can only apologise – we have left nothing out there.

“If I wasn’t here myself I would be doing the same. I can speak on behalf of the lads that we’ve not left anything to chance, we have tried everything.”

Finally, he said “I’ve not had a great deal to do; I’ve not had a great deal to do in the tournament. I am man enough to say that.”

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