‘Wayward Pines’ Season 1, Episode 3 Spoilers & Synopsis: ‘Ethan Burke Uncovers New Evidence’ In ‘Our Town, Our Law’ (S01E03)

The M.

Night Shyamalan of “The Sixth Sense” and “Signs” is back! After a string of poorly received blockbuster films, Shyamalan has finally struck critical gold with his new FOX series, “Wayward Pines.” After two fantastic episodes, next week’s “Our Town, Our Law” (S01E03) is poised to be even better! According to the netork, “Ethan Burke uncovers new evidence on an all-new ‘Wayward Pines’ Thursday, May 28, on FOX.” Care for some spoilers? Keep reading for a full Episode 3 synopsis, plus plenty “Wayward Pines” news!

What should fans expect on next week’s all-new “Our Town, Our Law” (S01E03)? Warning: Season 1 spoilers ahead! Fox has released an official press release for the upcoming episode, announcing that actor Justin Kirk of “Tyrant” and “Weeds” fame will be guest starring in “Our Town, Our Law” (S01E03).

Plus, Arlene Moran and BJ Harrison will also guest star in Episode 3! According to the official synopsis of “Our Town, Our Law,” Episode 3 of Season 1, “Following Beverly’s “reckoning” in the town square, Ethan is shocked by Kate’s participation in the heinous act.” “Although determined to find his way out of Wayward Pines, Peter meets real estate agent Peter McCall (guest star Justin Kirk), who gives him a new house,” continues the spoiler-filled synopsis.

“Meanwhile, Theresa and Ben head to Idaho to find Ethan, who has another run-in with Sheriff Pope in the all-new “Our Town, Our Law” episode of WAYWARD PINES airing Thursday, May 28 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX,” concludes the FOX synopsis.

Are you read for the next installment of the M.

Night Shyamalan series yet? With an all-star cast and insanely entertaining story, “Wayward Pines” may be the show we’ve been waiting for all year.

What else will happen on next Wednesday’s episode? Do you have any big “Wayward Pines” predictions? Make sure to sound off with your thoughts about the latest spoilers and synopsis for “Our Town, Our Law” in the comments section below! “Our Town, Our Law,” Episode 3 of “Wayward Pines” Season 1, airs Wednesday May 27 at 9:00 p.m.


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