Wedding Gift Ideas: 10 Unique And Sophisticated Wedding Gifts You Should Buy

When two people get married, one of the most searched for topics are wedding gift ideas.  With June already here, weddings are sure;y happening everywhere! 

Don’t know what to give the newlywed couple? Here are

10 wedding gift ideas from

Another tried, tested and true wedding gift is either fine china or fancy dinnerware that the newlyweds can whip out on special occasions and for entertaining. Opt for a classic style that will serve them well for a lifetime. Every home needs an all-purpose mixer – one that will help bake birthday cakes, cupcakes, make bread and many other culinary firsts for the newlyweds. And with so many colour options to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits the couple’s style. For cold, cozy winter nights by the fire, or for hot summer nights in the backyard, every home needs a selection of board games … not only for quality date nights at home, but they’re also perfect for entertaining guests. Since so many newlyweds are setting up their home together for the first time (or moving into bigger digs), you can never go wrong with classic cookware as a gift. A sturdy copper saucepan will be used for family night dinners for many years to come. A coffee table book with beautiful large images is a unique gift, especially if you select something close to the couple’s heart like a travel book on their honeymoon destination. A beautiful coffee table book is an affordable wedding gift option but still shows you care. Plus, you can handwrite a thoughtful note to the couple on the inside cover. A gift that will keep on giving is a timeless and classic cookbook. You can’t go wrong with Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” and your newlyweds will be cooking up a storm for years to come. Maybe they’ll even invite you over for dinner!

For all the festivities that the future is sure to hold for the newlyweds (anniversaries, birthdays, babies, holidays, etc.), nothing can help them celebrate those moments better than these sleek, sophisticated champagne flutes. Cheers! The best way to store memories and keep them alive? Photographs! There will be plenty from the actual wedding, engagement and honeymoon, so give your newlyweds the perfect way to capture and display their favourite photos with classic silver frames. Besides photographs from the couple’s personal collection, it’s nice to fill a frame with a memory or something special and unique. When two lives (and kitchens) come together as one, there’s bound to be some mixing and matching, especially when it comes to flatware. A sleek and classic set of cutlery helps newlyweds get organized and set for entertaining in the future.

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