‘Wendy Williams Show’: Willaims Confirms Erica Mena And Bow Wow ‘s Breakup On Her Talk Show.

'Wendy Williams Show': Willaims Confirms Erica Mena And Bow Wow 's Breakup On Her Talk Show.

'Wendy Williams Show': Willaims Confirms Erica Mena And Bow Wow 's Breakup On Her Talk Show.

Erica Mena, actor and model, recently broke up with her longtime beau, Shad Moss, Hollywood rapper and actor, according to Franchise Herald .
The news was confirmed on “Wendy Williams Show,” amidst the ongoing rumors of the two ending their relation. Wendy Williams, day time talk show host and Hollywood media persona, revealed about the breakup news of the celebrity couple, which was still a rumor.

She also expressed her feelings of disgust of the time, when she came to knew that Bow Wow and Erica got engaged. Williams even called Erica as only “Hooker” type girl but not the right kind of person for marriage.
According to VH1, the actress had earlier reported about her split with Shad on social media website. Erica even expressed her feelings over the split, by captioning the picture, which she posted on the social networking sites.
“You are a part of the past, but know I did pick you for a reason. I do not feel bad at all, but I do apologize you did not see your greatness! Now, you can apologize for not living up to it,” said Erica, Youth Health Magazine reported.
The couple got engaged in September 2014 and was set to tie knot this year. But Erica and Shad had many problems in their relations due to their different personality traits. Shad had earlier slammed his then fiancée on Instagram, for making their relationship and her miscarriage details public and called Erica an attention- seeker.  Wendy also reported that after this incident, the couple called off their engagement in few months’ time, reported VH1.
Shad had earlier faced criticism when he opened up on the social media about Erica and called her as his personal creation. “Look at her from a year ago to now. She dresses differently, hair are different and swag different. That’s me,” said Moss when asked for explanation over his earlier comment, as quoted by International Business Times.

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