Which K-Drama Dad Wins The Best Dad Mug On Father’s Day?

Which K-Drama Dad Wins The Best Dad Mug On Father's Day?
Which K-Drama Dad Wins The Best Dad Mug On Father's Day?


With the approach of “Father’s Day,” it’s time to focus on this year’s k-drama dads, the best, the worst and some with questionable motives.

Maybe the k-drama mug for Best K-Drama Dad should be given to 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon for his role as the teenage father in the weekend drama “Wonderful Days.” His twin children are raised as his siblings and it breaks his heart that they don’t know he is really their dad. When he finally tells them the truth, they are none too pleased. This shakes up his world and it prompts him to improve himself so they can have a better life.

The most self-sacrificing dad award might go to Kim Sang Joong for playing Lee Jong Suk’s dad in “Doctor Stranger.” He sacrificed himself, facing a firing squad, to help his son escape to South Korea.

Yoon Joo Sang, who has played so many k-drama dads, was one of this year’s most likeable. He managed to survive and help solve the romantic and financial troubles of his grown children in “One Warm Word,” dispensing warm words and understanding gestures.

Another noteworthy father-son relationship took place between Choi Jin Hyuk and his character’s father, played by Kang Shin Il in “Emergency Couple.” The two did not have the best relationship but grew closer as the drama progressed, thanks to some intervention by Song Ji Hyo’s character.

The worst k-drama dad in 2014 would have to be a tie between Eom Hyo Seop who played Kang Sung Wook, Daniel Choi’s dad in “Big Man” and Jeon Kuk Hwan who played El Temur in “Empress Ki.”

Kang Sung Wook may have loved his son enough to kill for him but what kind of way is that to raise a son? He raised him to be cruel and ruthless. El Temur was an even worse example. He turned his two sons into bloodthirsty warmongers and then he made his daughter marry a man he despised just so he can rule the kingdom.

Jeon Kuk Hwan plays a slightly better dad in “Doctor Stranger.” As hospital chief Oh Joon Gyu, he may not be a nice guy but he looks out for his daughter played by Kang So Ra and wants her to marry someone she truly loves.

In “God’s Gift – 14 Days,” Kim Tae Woo did not mean to be a bad dad. He loved his daughter but his bad choices landed her in a lot of trouble. Fortunately, his k-drama wife, played by Lee Bo Young, saved the day.

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