‘White Collar’ Season 6 Spoilers: Serialized Six-Episode Format To Reveal Neal Caffrey’s Background? Kidnapped Conman To Come Back To Work In Second Episode

“White Collar” season 6 spoilers are here and it seems the new six-episode serialized format will reveal much of Neal Caffrey’s background. After being kidnapped last season, the reformed conman will be back by the second episode.

Executive producer Jeff Eastin dished out some “White Collar” season 6 spoilers to Forbes, particularly on the decision to limit the episodes of the final season to six.

“This one is actually kind of exciting because we have six. What I think about six episodes is it’s like a miniseries. In my mind, you’ve got one really beautiful plot if you do it right,” he said. “So that’s how we’re approaching it. We’re looking at it as this White Collar miniseries that is going to really focus on one thing.”

He also said that they will do away on the usual format of “criminal of the week” as case season 6 is “much more about really digging into who Neal is, what he wants, and the relationship between him, Peter (Burke), and Mozzie. So that becomes the real thrust of this year.”

Natalie Abrams of also revealed “White Collar” season 6 spoilers as she said that Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) and the FBI will find Neal, who was abducted in the season five finale, in the very first episode.

“Neal (Matt Bomer) will be back on the job by the second episode. But things won’t be completely back to normal,” she wrote.

This time, Peter Burke has to create a con just so he could get Neal “out of a jam.”

“Unfortunately, Peter’s acting talents will be further put to the test when he has to start a fight to create a diversion. Let’s hope he’s not just pretending he can throw a right hook!” Natalie Abrams wrote.

“White Collar” season 6 airs on USA network likely in the winter of 2015.

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