Will Jesse Eisenberg Wear A Bald Or Curly Hairdo As Lex Luthor In The Upcoming ‘Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’?

While everyone seems to be wondering if Ben Affleck could portray the role of Bruce Wayne or Batman well, or feeling excited to see Jason Momoa’s appearance as Aquaman, and thinking if Gal Gadot would be better than Megan Fox as Wonder Woman, others are guessing if Jesse Eisenberg would appear bald in “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” as Lex Luthor.

Perhaps, not all has still accepted the fact that Eisenberg would take a different turn in his acting career from the tech-savvy character in “The Social Network” and as neurotic Columbus in “Zombieland” to a villain Lex Luthor in “Dawn of Justice”. True enough, if we compare the former actors who played the role of Clark Kent’s friend-turned-archenemy like Gene Hackmann, Michael Rosenbaum, and Kevin Spacey, it would be really hard to imagine Eisenberg handling LexCorp and plotting revenge to Superman.

It’s also in the hair. Everybody knows that Lex Luthor is bald and Eisenberg has curly hair; so, they couldn’t picture how the actor would look like in skinny head. However, in the latest photo posted by David Kwong, it seems that he will be wearing red hair, which what Lex has before losing his hair.

Eisenberg has just recently portrayed a role of in a psycho film “The Double” based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novella published in 1800. He played Simon, a timid government clerk who is often overlooked at work. The conflict arrives when a co-worker who is his exact physical opposite seems taking over his life. His portrayal is both good and bad, which perhaps will help him to fully embrace the role of DC villain. However, still, he wears his natural hairdo in the film, not red hair or bald.

“Batman vs Superman” will introduce DC Comics’ characters like Aquaman and Wonder Woman, which will be played by Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot, respectively. This will then be followed by other standalone films like “Wonder Woman”, “Shazam”, and Flash and Green Lantern. Another Batman film might also be released come 2019. The film will also bring Justice League in the big screen.

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