Will Smith and Family Spotted on Hawaii Vacation; Jada’s Mohawk Hairstyle has Now Returned to Normal

Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith were spotted enjoying the sun, the sand, and the waves in Hawaii. Despite the presence of other people on the shore, they took a moment to just look into each other’s eyes and admire each other. Either that or the both of them were just trying to see their own reflection in the other’s eyes, which is only understandable since they are both sights for sore eyes.

Jada, one of the stars of the upcoming 2014 rendition of classic musical “Annie”, is 42 years old and sports a muscular body that is perfect for the blue bikini she was seen wearing. Will also looked like he has never aged a day, except for his grayish beard, boasts an amazingly lean shape at 45 years old.

Willow Smith, their daughter who has also had her contribution to the music industry, was also spotted on the beach with them. Willow still had her platinum-dyed pixie cut hairstyle, which raised a lot of eyebrows when she first made a public appearance with it. She was seen having a bonding moment with her mother, whose hair is now long and curly, and back to its original color, after she attempted a partially shaved look.

Her mom’s look also accomplished a lot of eyebrow-raising as she flaunted her modern day Mohawk at a Beverly Hills event last year. The sides of her head were shaved and bleached, with the longer part of her pulled into a French braid and was finished with a ponytail at the back of her head.

Willow’s hairstyle makeover was not as drastic as her mom’s, but many have said that she might have learned a lot about unprecedented image changes from her parents, especially when she is their spitting image. At 13 years old, Willow is tall and lanky like her father, with that gleam in her eye that she got from her mother.

The Smith family is surely good when it comes to looking good.

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