Will Smith Mulls Future Career In Politics, Says He ‘May Be Forced To Run For President’

Will Smith Mulls Future Career In Politics

Will Smith Mulls Future Career In Politics, Says He 'May Be Forced To Run For President'

Actor Will Smith is said to be seriously contemplating a career in politics and intends to run for public office, particularly as President of the United States.
According to a report by CBS News , Will Smith relayed his interest in joining politics one day during an interview with CBS’ “Sunday Morning.”

The rapper turned actor and producer sat with correspondent Tracy Smith to promote his upcoming drama movie “Concussion.”
In the interview, Will Smith said that he believes that there is more to him that just being an actor or musician. He revealed that “the contentious discourse in the current presidential race” has got him thinking that he could do better.
Without naming Republican front-runner Donald Trump in particular, Will Smith explained, “If people keep saying all the crazy kinds of stuff they’ve been saying on the news lately about walls and Muslims, they’re going to force me into the political arena.”
And Will Smith is not talking mayor or governor positions. In fact, he was aiming to be president of the United States.
“I mean, I gotta be the President. Come on!” Will Smith said, adding, “What else would I run for?”
In the interview, Will Smith seems to have considered joining the political arena for a quite a long time already.
“I realized that the dream (of just being a celebrity) was too small,” the actor told Tracy Smith. “You know, I realized that there was no way that I was put here just to be a movie star.”
It looks like the Emmy Award-winning actor is determined to pursue his plan of going after the presidency.
In fact, in an interview with The Daily Mail  in 2007, Will Smith has also revealed that he sees himself as president of the United States.
‘I’m going to be President of the United States,” Will Smith told the Mail during an interview to promote his movie “I Am Legend.”
“I always wanted to be the first black president but Barack Obama stole my idea,” Will Smith, a Democrat, said. “That’s OK with me. Barack can go first and then I’ll take my turn.”

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