Windows 8.2 Release Date: Businesses Not Migrating To Windows 8, Redmond Giant May Skip To Windows 9 ASA

Windows 8.2 release date might not arrive since many Windows users are not satisfied with Windows 8. Microsoft’s attempts to combine the desktop computing with mobile technology is something consumers find perplexing.

With the long life span of existing PCs and laptops along with smartphones and tablets, sales of new PCs are dwindling. Subsequently, Windows 8 has been labeled a ‘dud.’ According to PCWorld, this implies that Microsoft will replace the OS with Windows 9 as soon as possible. Most probably, a Windows 8.2 version may not be released, just as a Windows 8.3 may not be unveiled.

Another reason why users coming out of the Windows XP ‘end of life debacle’ are likely to skip Windows 8 if the Windows 9 version is available by April of next year. This is especially true for businesses transitioning to an updated Windows OS, after the Redmond St., Seattle-based tech giant announced it would not provide security patches for malware.

Shawn Allaway, CEO of Converter Technology, a firm that assists businesses to migrate to new Windows OS versions and Microsoft Office, said, With a user learning curve, hardware update and apps compatibility all posing potential hurdles to Windows 8 adoption, most businesses transitioning from Windows XP will likely wind up using Windows 7 as their new platform of choice.”

Interestingly, Converter had no clients who chose Windows 8 as an XP upgrade. In addition, the Windows 7 is supported until January 14, 2020. So, this gives users adequate time for another one or two Windows upgrades beyond Windows 8. This will be a less ‘jarring’ transition.

Often, analysts say, businesses aren’t as impressed by cool interfaces or new features: “They’re looking for stability, not necessarily the cutting edge,” says Allaway. “Once an operating system is stable and locked down, they fight hard to keep it there as long as they can.”

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