‘Wonder Woman’ Movie Slated in July 2017; Gal Gadot Still The Choice To Play The Female Superhero To DC Comics’ Character

Sure we have seen too many male superheroes in their grand costumes that evolve from one film to another. This time DC Comics’ Wonder Woman will try to beat the blockbuster films of Superman and Batman and of Marvel’s Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron-Man in her standalone movie.

The female superhero was first seen invading the moving film in 1974 in a TV movie entitled “Wonder Woman” starring Lynda Carter. No theatrical feature film was ever made until today, although it seems that there is a big possibility that Wonder Woman will have a standalone film given that the costume design was earlier released and that the character will appear in the upcoming “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill.

Gal Gadot will play Wonder Woman in the “Man of Steel” sequel. She will likely to play the superheroine character, too, in case the “Wonder Woman” movie will be pushed through. When the news came out that Gadot is Zack Snyder’s choice to be one of the cast in “Dawn of Justice”, the reactions were divided. This is perhaps some would want former “Transformers” sweetheart Megan Fox to wear the costume and do the spinning.

Apart from appearing in the “Man of Steel” sequel, the female superhero character will also be seen in “Justice League” movie along with other members of the superhero team. Of course, Superman and Batman will not go missing. This is set to be released in May 2017 before “Wonder Woman” film will hit the cinema in July 2017.

Before the superhero team film, Shazam who is also known as Captain Marvel will steal the moment from other DC Comics’ characters. It is slated in July 2016 after “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” in May 2016. It is also said that Flash and Green Lantern will team up in a film that most likely hit the big screen in Christmas 2017.

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