Wonderful Tonight Singer Eric Clapton Retirement: Top-Winning British Artist Says There’d Be A Day When He Can No Longer Play The Guitar

The only three-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Eric Clapton is considering tour retirement at 70 – next year to be exact. After touring for over 50 years on the road, the British musician says that performing in various places across the globe has become ‘unbearable’ and this greatly challenges his current health condition.

In an interview with

he shared: “The road has become unbearable…It’s become unapproachable, because it takes so long to get anywhere. It’s hostile – everywhere: getting in and out of airports, traveling on planes and in cars.”

The artist went straight to the point when he said, “There are tons of things I’d like to do, but I’m looking at retirement too.”

Growing old, Clapton realized that there may come a time when he can no longer play the guitar. “Maybe. It might be that I can’t, if it hurts too much. I have odd ailments.”

So instead of touring, he’ll concentrate on recording in the studio:

“What I’ll allow myself to do, within reason, is carry on recording in the studio. I don’t want to go off the boil to the point where I’m embarrassing myself.” 

Another factor that made Clapton consider retiring from touring is that most countries, according to him, are now a ‘different version of America.’ The world feels so similar for the music icon that he finds tours a little more interesting these days.

According to , this isn’t the first time Clapton has hinted at retiring from road shows. Last year he told them almost exactly the same lines, “When I’m 70, I’ll stop. I won’t stop playing or doing one-offs, but I’ll stop touring, I think.”

He even added, “…the struggle is the travel. And the only way you can beat that is by throwing so much money at it that you make a loss.”

With regards to the rumored reunion of the band Cream, Clapton’s comments suggested that getting the band back together seems impossible as he shared: “I haven’t spoken to Jack [Bruce] or Ginger [Baker] for quite a time,”

“I don’t think there’s been any line of dialogue between any of us – or between me and them, that is to say – since the American affair [the trio’s Madison Square Garden shows in 2005].

Clapton ruled the Grammy history with 17 awards and ranked second in

magazine’s “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”.  Some of his popular recordings include Layla (with Derek and the Dominos) and “Crossroads” (by Cream).  He continued releasing albums as a solo artist and some of his well-known tracks are “Wonderful Tonight”, “Cocaine”, and “Tears in Heaven”.

Is it the right time for him to retire? Sound off in the comments section below!

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