World Cup 2014 News: Psy Performs at Gangnam to Support Korean Team

It was a 7 AM match for the Korea vs Russia game today, but that did not stop worldwide Youtube superstar South Korean rapper Psy to perform his hit, Gangnam Style, in Gangnam for the first time ever, to support the Korea Republic team.

“I won’t be singing my recently released song today. I can’t sing about hangovers when cheering for our national team,” said the singer, talking about his new record, ‘Hangover’ which debuted in Youtube with 66 million views as of last week.

Korean football fans were all dressed in red , a tradition to support their nation’s team. Around 30,000 citizens gathered at Coex Mall in Gangnam, where Psy performed.

Even the superstar was in motiff. ” I appear before you doing what I need to do where I need to be,” said the 36-year-old, sporting red pants and a red tie that went with his signature tuxedo look.  “I’ve been cheering for the World Cup since 2002, but it’s so early in the morning,” he commented.

A proof to his claim is that he sang eight songs before the match, including “Champion,” which became a hit during the  2002 Korea- Japan World Cup.

“The impassioned cheering of citizens inspired me to write ‘Champion.’ It’s also a song that helped me continue my music career, which would have ended after a short run [if it weren’t for ‘Champion’]. So even though ‘Gangnam Style’ was such a success, it can’t be as dear to me as ‘Champion,'”  the rapper explained.

He also added that he is more than happy to do more performances if Korea makes it to the next round.

Neither Psy nor the South Korean team disappointed the Asian nation. The actual game ended with a 1-1 draw, and another game is set on Monday, with Algeria on the other end.

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