World Cup 2014 Schedule: ‘A Party With A Hefty Price Tag,’ Brazil Stadium Not Ready For Opening Day

World Cup 2014 schedule has been set for soccer’s biggest tournament to beign in a week. All eyes are expected to be on Brazil, the powerhouse team that is hosting the tournament. Brazil has also won the Cup five times; that gives them an advantage.

The Brazil World Cup 2014 is the most expensive football tournament ever staged. There are still some complaints about the safety of bleachers, say fans. “We didn’t deliver it,” says one soccer fan saying the infrastucture is poorly equipped to handle the crowds. The soccer stadium in Sao Paolo which will host the opening game costs approximately 450,000 million. Yet many fans say that Brazil is not ready for World Cup 2014.

The Corinthians Arena is named after a famous team in Brazil and it carries a LCD televison and state of the art infrustructure.

Despite the Brazilian government’s push to make sports the center of focus in the country. However, the fans who attended the test matches sized up the arrangements, saying that Brazil was not ready to host the World Cup 2014.

Stanio Silva, a soccer fan attending the game, “It’s completely not ready.”

Just half the seating capacity was utilized. The VIP areas are also still under construction and a roof for the stadium is out of the question.

NPR reports, “It may be a nice party, but the World Cup comes with a hefty price tag. This World Cup will be the most expensive ever staged. Even with all the money spent, there are still several stadiums that are unfinished. The infrastructure upgrades – roads, airports, bus and train lines – are in even worse shape: Less than half of what was promised will actually be delivered, and many of the projects are incomplete.”

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