World Cup Ticket Fraud Suspected


World Cup ticket fraud being suspected on fans that jumped out of the wheelchair while watching the game.

Police investigation are underway for fans who jumped out of their wheelchairs as seen in CCTV and social media sites in the midst of a match between Brazil and Croatia.

It is suspected that these fans bought the tickets from the black market, and used wheelchairs to cover this up when they entered the stadium. It was believed that most of the concession tickets for disabled audiences have been inappropriately used by certain individuals to view popular matches in the tournament. Some young adults have also taken the seats of pensioners.

Tickets for disabled audiences have been sold outside the stadium premises and on several social media sites, such as Face book. The ticket hoax offers maximized benefit as one ticket for an audience on a wheelchair comes with a free ticket.

Second selling of tickets is a criminal offense in Brazil, with a maximum sentence of four years in prison. 22 pictures have been captured on CCTV showed wheelchair bound fans standing up when the game got underway, prompting speculations along the way.

30 pictures captured on smart phones showed similar scenario,

“The World Cup is creating miracles,” says a Brazil fan jokingly.

Police will likely find it tricky to investigate possible frauds among the wheelchair bound fans. This is because there are indeed some fans that are in need of wheelchairs as they are only able to walk short distances, and may need the use of a wheelchair to walk long distances.

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