WWDC 2014 iOS 8 Not Updated On iPad 2, iPhone 4; ‘Planned Obsolescence’ To Hone In iPhone 6 & Discontinue Support For Older iPhones

WWDC 2014 iOS 8 not updated on iPad 2 & iPhone 4, according to an announcement from Apple. Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) OSX 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8 are on their way and are expected to reveal soon.

However, only iPhones higher than iPhone 4S are supported by the new iOS 8. As Apple watchers await eagerly for the release of the Phone 6, iPhone 4 users are still using their smartphones quite comfortably. Though iPhone 4 was left out from production in September 2013, it was still supported by the Cupertino, California tech giant.

Analysts say that the iPhone 4 is quickly phasing out into planned obsolescence because Apple wants its users to upgrade to an iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c or the hotly anticipated iPhone 6 on its way. Apple is also making sure that consumers are ready to buy their iPhone 6 amid stiff competition from the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, and the recently launched LG G3 – all smart phones ready to take on the iPhone 6’s wide display screen and loaded features like aqua-proof and dust-proof enhancements.

Apple is not the only company that makes products obsolete in order to turn consumer attention to new products. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Android devices, tabs, and tech gadgets have also gone through ‘planned obsolescence’ as a part of its life-cycle. For Google, the Google Glass is the latest product that it’s having trouble selling.

Coming back to the iPhone 4, Apple is encouraging owners to upgrade to a new generation iPhone in order to replace their old iPhones. In fact, Apple Inc. has implemented a program that enables the company to recycle costumer’s old smartphones.

An alternative for those who are obsessed with using their iPhone 4 is to use it with the iOS 7.1. This will enable you to use the device until it breaks down. This is true for older generation phones like the iPhone 3Gs. Some iPhone 3Gs smart phones still operate on iOS 6.

The iPhone 4 was the last iPhone announced at a Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), a distinction even the iPhone 6 will not be able to outdo this year. The iPhone 4 was also among the first Apple handsets to sport a Retina display. Later, the iPhone 4 was formally discontinued in the U.S. after the iPhone 5s made its entry last fall.

The iPhone 4 was available in Brazil, India, and Indonesia until recently.

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