WWE 2K15 Release Date To Feature New Characters, Familiar Gameplay; Take 2 Interactive Slates October Launch In The US And Internationally

2K Sports has scheduled the WWE 2K15 release date to October, in the US and internationally.

The launch was confirmed by the publisher in an interview. The title’s parent company, Take 2 Interactive, reasons that the game is supposed to be released within the company’s fiscal year, which expires March 31, 2015.

The confirmation discredits rumors that the publisher is taking advantage of WrestleMania’s spring schedule with a preemptive release. Launch dates are slated to October 28 in the US, October 31 internationally.

Reports from within 2K Sports also confirm the platforms and consoles supported in the release. Current and previous generations of PlayStation and Xbox consoles are supported; the PS3 and PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One (



The game is in development under Future Media Creators (Yuke), the original and long-time developer of the WWE series. FMC collaborates with Visual Concepts, a 2K subsidiary.

The October WWE 2K15 release date is expected of the series, even though Visual Concepts encountered trouble publishing last year’s WWE 2K14 due to licensing issues. Mark Little, Executive Director, comments:

“Obviously we were all very happy to be able to get the license, be a part of the WWE universe, bring on a new team, and still get a game done in the midst of what was an absolute disaster. So the fact we were able to get WWE 2K14 done is a testament to everybody who was involved in that project.”

Tweaks in the game focused on the play dynamics, in addition to new characters added to the roster. Little mentioned the difficulties involved in recreating matchups due to the scripted nature of WWE’s square-offs, aiming at replicating the pace of matches instead.

“We’re not a fighting game featuring WWE superstars … At no point do I think we’ll get it to be quite the same as a broadcast, just because of the scripted nature of the event, especially between two humans.”

Fans of the WWE series should expect the same dynamic with new characters and scenarios come October’s WWE 2K15 release date (



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