WWE Payback 2014 Results: John Cena Proves To Be The Better Man Against Bray Wyatt! Evolution Beats Shield To Become The Strongest Trio In WWE!

The Shield Defeats Evolution In A No Holds Barred Elimination Match

The match as expected was an all-out brawl. The very minute it began, the fight already dragged to the audience section and the cameras were like going where the wind blows.

Eventually the six Superstars took a second to breathe with each side manning their positions on opposite sides of the ring. There was a brief moment of strategic gamesmanship here – you could almost compare it to chess if chess was played by whipping the pieces at your opponent as hard you possibly can.

Each fighter was in and out of the fight after getting hit by some powerful blows from their adversaries. Eventually, Reigns mustered a comeback by nailing Orton with a Superman Punch from the steps, but Evolution managed to put him down again.

Batista was the first to go after allowing Rollins to escape a Batista Bomb and getting speared into next week by Reigns. Rollins was almost next after an RKO from Orton, but Reigns once again saved his partner. The Viper went after that, taken out by Dirty Deeds from Ambrose onto a steel chair.

Batista and Orton didn’t leave quietly, however. Orton slipped the sledgehammer to The Game, which Triple H used to turn out Ambrose’s lights. When he looked to do the same to Reigns, he turned his attention away from Rollins, who came off the top rope with a knee to The Game’s head. A second later, Reigns erupted out of the corner with another spear to pin Triple H and see The Shield score a clean sweep on Evolution.

After Wyatt sent both himself and the Cenation leader crashing through the ringside barrier, these bitter rivals fought out into the crowd and up the entrance ramp, firing off pyrotechnics in their wake as they clashed in the tech area. In the end, Cena hit Wyatt with an Attitude Adjustment that sent “The Man of 1,000 Truths” crashing through an equipment case. Then, in a show of incredible power, Cena pushed another massive case onto the destroyed case where Wyatt lay prone, entombing The Eater of Worlds for a 10-count and arguably giving Cena one of the hardest fought victories in his career.

After trading takedowns, the wily Fox seemed to be on the verge of victory, using her size advantage to throw around the British-born beauty. But the champion has made it a habit of overcoming bigger opponents, and massive odds. Just as it seemed Alicia was closing in for the kill, Paige turned the tables on Fox, trapping her fallen opponent in the Scorpion Crosslock.

With Stephanie McMahon gleefully introducing Bryan and Brie to the WWE Universe in Chicago, the submission specialist faced the biggest decision of his career. After some back and forth between Bryan, Brie and Stephanie, one of WWE’s Principal Owners demanded a decision.

But that’s when Brie stepped in – and stepped up. As Bryan possibly considered handing over his title, Brie got up in Stephanie’s face and selflessly quit WWE. And the beautiful “Total Divas” star didn’t stop there. She proceeded to viciously slap her former boss right across the face before leading the Chicago fans in a “YES!” chant with her husband – and reigning champion – as Stephanie literally ran out of the arena.

In the height of the absolutely brutal encounter that stretched both inside and outside the ring and all points in between as  both warriors unleashed  every weaponin  their impressive arsenals. After RVD missed the Five Star Frog Splash, Barrett missed RVD and accidently smashed his arm into the steel ring post.

In spite of that setback, though, the tough titleholder managed to get his knees up to counter his No. 1 contender’s split legged Moonsault attempt – paving the way for him to finish  RVD with the devastating Bad News Bull Hammer.

Bo Dallas, meanwhile, may not have picked up his first victory at a WWE pay-per-view, but he did make a statement at WWE Payback, nonetheless. Following Kane’s attack on Kofi, Dallas took the downed former United States, Intercontinental and WWE Tag Team Champion’s hand, and comforted him that he’ll be back, better than ever, as long as he – and every member of the WWE Universe – Bo-Lieves.

Rusev impressed Lana by applying his signature tap-out move against Big E. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion, much like every other Superstar that faced its wrath, was forced to tap out with the world watching.

After plowing through Big E – what’s next for the Bulgarian Brute?

At Payback, that rise appeared imminent. The brothers looked strong and worked well together. Their effort lost steam, though, when RybAxel began targeting Goldust. The two men appeared determined not to allow The Bizarre One to tag in his brother. Once he finally did, Cody’s offense looked relentless. That is, until he was caught mid-air by Ryback and leveled with Shell Shocked. After the bout, a clearly distraught Cody took to the mic and told Goldust before walking away, “Brother to brother, you need a better tag team partner than me.”

Frustration seemed to set in for The Celtic Warrior when he climbed to the second turnbuckle and dropped a knee on his opponent three consecutive times. When Cesaro recovered from that – and powered out of a Cloverleaf attempt – Sheamus seemed to suddenly figure out that brute force wasn’t going to beat this guy.

While Cesaro continued to dig into his arsenal – breaking out the rarely seen Alpamare Waterslide and a Cesaro Swing with so many rotations you half-expected Sheamus to puke up a pint in the center of the ring – The Celtic Warrior waited for an opening. He found it the moment Cesaro released him from the Swing as he rolled up the challenger for a quick 1-2-3 – an unexpected, but effective ending to a televised mugging.

Los Matadores and 3MB neutralized each other with a series of high-flying dives over the ropes, leaving the two pint-sized brawlers to battle it out themselves. Hornswoggle nearly had the bout won after a powerbomb, but instead tried to rip the bull’s mask off. Unfortunately for him, Torito had a decoy mask on (or was that the bull’s true face?) and used the distraction to land his trademark bullsault for the win, forcing Hornswoggle to the barber’s chair.

Torito showed off his hairstyling skills, lowering the ears of his foe with the aid of scissors, electric clippers and a razor. While Hornswoggle’s locks may grow back, the embarrassment of having his head shaved in front of a packed Allstate Arena will ensure the tiny 3MB member thinks twice before tangling with El Torito again.

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