X-Men Days Of Future Past Spoilers: Cable Was Supposed To Join The Mutants! Simon Kinberg Says ‘We Explored The Notion Of A New Character Being Sent Back’

To those who have not seen or have already seen the mutants on the big screen, we still have some “X-Men Days of Future Past” spoilers to reveal. Rumors have been spreading that Cable may join the superhero team in a new movie before the “X-Force” premieres.

There were reports that Jeff Wadlow, who is best known for writing and directing “Kick-Ass 2”, is working on the script of “X-Force” for 20 Century Fox. It is a spin-off of the popular X-Men franchise based on the comic book series.

The New Mutants are led by Nathan Christopher Summers, or also known as Cable, who is the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey’s clone named Madelyne Pryor. What makes this group different from the X-Men is that they are more aggressive and militant. Since Wadlow is famous for his no-holds barred action scenes in movies, then it will be easier for him to work on the “X-Force”.

In an interview with Empire Magazine, writer Simon Kinberg revealed some “X-Men Days of Future Past” spoilers and one involved Cable. When asked why they chose Wolverine to travel back in time, Kinberg explained: “Wolverine seems like the immediate, reflex, sort of obvious person to choose, but it wasn’t for us, maybe because we’re not that smart, but Matthew Vaughn and I, who was the director at the time and with whom I developed the screenplay initially, we explored the notion of Bishop being sent back, Cable being sent back, a new character being sent back, who we could cast old and then sort of cast in the prominent part of his life as a new young actor.”

Kinberg added, “Somewhere in that process we just looked at each and I really don’t remember when it was to be honest, and just said, ‘We have a character who doesn’t age and happens to be the most popular character in the movie franchise,’ and as Hugh Jackman almost literally hasn’t aged, it then became Wolverine who we sent back in time.”

He has a point, but Cable could have been the one that traveled back in time if he doesn’t age. It’s just sad that when the “X-Men Days of Future Past” spoilers came out, Bishop appeared in the recent film, but not Cable. I guess, we’ll have to wait until 2016 if he will debut in the “X-Men: Apocalypse”.

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