Yoona’s Street” Kim Ok Bin Leans Towards Lee Hee Joon

Yoona's Street" Kim Ok Bin Leans Towards Lee Hee Joon
Yoona's Street" Kim Ok Bin Leans Towards Lee Hee Joon

In the end, the person who had ramen with Chang Man (played by Lee Hee Joon) was Yoo Na (played by Kim Ok Bin).  Yona said to Chang Man, “Can we have ramen in your bedroom?” and texted her.  He was cranky and said, “No, leave” and replied. Nonetheless, Yoo Na didn’t give up and waited outside Chang Man’s room for Chang Man.

On the episode of JTBC drama “Yoona’s Street” (script Kim Woon Kyung, director Lim Tae Woo) broadcast on June 17, Yoona started to have more interest in Chang Man.  She even made ramen for Chang Man.  He started to get rebellious at the words of Mi Sun (played by Suh Yoo Jung) who said that she used Chang Man.

Chang Man saw the police knocking on the door of the multiple family house and hid Yoona who barely had a towel on.  He had mistaken the police for running after Yoona.  However, the police had actually followed Uhm Hye Sook (played by Kim Eun Soo) and Kye Sam Chon (played by Cho Hee Bon) who had come home.  Yoona who found out the situation yelled whether he is a pervert.  Chang Man was surprised and Yoona felt bad as he sent a text asking if he wanted to eat ramen.  Though Chang Man refused, Yoona tried to redeem herself and make up.

Meanwhile, “Yoona’s Street” is about people with all sorts of personalities, ages, occupations, genders and a former female pickpocket as they live in a multi-complex house. Here, the nicest guy gets introduced to their community as they heal together and live together as one. It is broadcast at Monday and Tuesday at 9:50PM.

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