Yoona’s Street” Lee Hee Joon, Ahn Nae Sang Collaborate Because Of Kim Ok Bin

Yoona's Street" Lee Hee Joon
Yoona's Street" Lee Hee Joon

JTBC Monday/Tuesday special production drama “Yoona’s Street” (director Lim Tae Woo, script Kim Woon Kyung) Lee Hee Joon and Ahn Nae Sang worked together to rescue Kim Ok Bin from a life of pickpocketing.  They showed a new collaboration.

On the episode of “Yoona’s Street” broadcast on June 17, Chang Min (played by Lee Hee Joon) confessed to Director Bong (played by Ahn Nae Sang) that he liked Yoona (played by Kim Ok Bin).  At this, Chang Min wanted to get the skills from Yang Soon (played by Oh Na Ra) who had been a pickpocket.  At such proposition, Director Bong started to help him with his detective like experienced instincts.  Especially Director Bong told Yang Soon, “When you fall in love with a person, you start to get blinded.  Love is unexpected.”

Afterwards, getting directors from Director Bong, Chang Man starts to act as secretly and eptly as possible.  In the most clandestine way, ge takes pictures of the office of the Yoona gang and as if the police had come to find him, he finds his location quickly to hide Yoona.  However, for some reason, it was revealed that Yoona was not the object of the investigation and the two became closer both emotionally and physically.

Director Bong and Chang Man met in the park again and shared information about the pickpocket.  They shared their efforts to stop Yoona’s life of pickpocketing.

Meanwhile, “Yoona’s Street” is about people with all sorts of personalities, ages, occupations, genders and a former female pickpocket as they live in a multi-complex house. Here, the nicest guy gets introduced to their community as they heal together and live together as one. It is broadcast at Monday and Tuesday at 9:50PM.

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