Yoona’s Street” Lee Hee Joon In Despair Hearing That He Can’t Meet Kim Ok Bin

Yoona's Street" Lee Hee Joon In Despair Hearing That He Can't Meet Kim Ok Bin
Yoona's Street" Lee Hee Joon In Despair Hearing That He Can't Meet Kim Ok Bin

“Yoona’s Street” Lee Hee Joon indirectly showed his feelings to Kim Ok Bin towards Kim Young Woong.

On the JTBC “Yoona’s Street” broadcast on June 9, Kim Chang Man (played by Lee Hee Joon) told Byun Chil Bok (played by Kim Young Woong) that Kim Yoo Na (played by Kim Ok Bin) is a pickpocket.  Afterwards, they had a discussion about this.

On this day of “Yoona’s Street”, Kim Chang Man seeks Kang Yoo Na pickpocketing and is highly disappointed.  He has doubt about his feelings as well.

At this, he went to Byun Chil Bok and said, “My friend fell in love with a friend that he was not supposed to.”  He started to talk about his own story as if it was someone else’s story.

Kim Chang Man said, “The woman is a pickpocket.” As she heard Byun Chil Bok’s words to separate right away, he said, “You can’t talk like that.  You have to take care of your feelings and live together” as he expressed his feelings indirectly.

However, Byun Chil Bok said, “It’s not stealing so how can you set your mind like that.  For me, reporting is more than being friend” and was determined as he made Kim Chang Man feel devastated.

Meanwhile, “Yoona’s Street” is about people with all sorts of personalities, ages, occupations, genders and a former female pickpocket as they live in a multi-complex house.  Here, the nicest guy gets introduced to their community as they heal together and live together as one.  It is broadcast at Monday and Tuesday at 9:50PM.

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