Yoona’s Street” Oh Na Ra Shows Side Of Musical Actress

Yoona's Street" Oh Na Ra Shows Side Of Musical Actress
Yoona's Street" Oh Na Ra Shows Side Of Musical Actress

JTBC Monday/Tuesday special drama “Yoona’s Street” (production: Lim Tae Woo, script Kim Woon Kyung, production Drama House) showed Oh Na Ra singing passionately as this was captured in a still cut.

As the episodes go on, the JTBC Monday/Tuesday special drama “Yoona’s Street” is getting higher and higher in ratings.  The drama showed Oh Na showed that Oh Na Ra was singing passionately and this still cut is a topic of issue.

In the released picture, it’s not sure what circumstances are there but Oh Na Ra is yelling in the karaoke room that she is managing.  Here, her husband Bong Dahl Ho (played by Ahn Nae Sang) and her are together making a sad expression.  It shows that she is not happy in the place where she is despite the fact that she is singing passionately.  This is raising the curiosity of visitors.

At this, Oh Na Ra sang passionately a song from the 50s and 60s that was very popular.  It’s about a song where a girl from the countryside goes to the city and survives.  It’s expected that this story will also resemble that and is triggering the curiosity of others.  She also showed a matching choreography and talented dancing skills.

Oh Na Ra said, “Many people were present so I was worried about singing in front of them all.  They all applauded me so I’m thankful.  These days, filming “Yoona’s Street” is enjoyable and I hope you love our drama more and more.”

Meanwhile, “Yoona’s Street” is about people with all sorts of personalities, ages, occupations, genders and a former female pickpocket as they live in a multi-complex house.  Here, the nicest guy gets introduced to their community as they heal together and live together as one.  It is broadcast at Monday and Tuesday at 9:50PM.

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