Yoona’s Street” Shin So Yool WIth Another Birth Mother

Yoona's Street" Shin So Yool WIth Another Birth Mother
Yoona's Street" Shin So Yool WIth Another Birth Mother

JTBC Monday/Tuesday drama “Yoona’s Street” Shin So Yool is keeping a picture of her birth mother and making viewers curious.

Chang Man (played by Lee Hee Joon) was with Madame Hong (played by Kim Hee Jung) found the picture while fixing Da Young (played by Shin So Yool)’s computer.  ON June 3, Chang Man how as alone heard the words of Dong Min (palyed by Baek Chang Min) and went to Da Young’s rom.  Before this, Da Young didn’t think highly of Chang Man as she thought he dressed and acted like a gang member.  After seeing him fix up a computer, she couldn’t fight her anger and left.

At this time, Madame Hong wanted to bring juice and looked into the screen together, finding a folder “Our Mom”.  Here were baby pictures of Da Young, Han Man Bok (played by Lee Moon Shik) and someone looking like the birth mother of Da Young in front of a birthday cake.  At this, Madame Hong looked started and Chang Man looked at ther from the side.

Da Young surprised viewers because she had always been so nice and warn to fviewers.  Espeically finding this picture, she kept on acting as if everything was the same and Madame Hong acted the same.  Therefore, viewers were curisou about their story and what would’ve happened in reality in such a tragic story of a life.

Meanwhile, “Yoona’s Street” is about people with all sorts of personalities, ages, occupations, genders and a former female pickpocket as they live in a multi-complex house.  Here, the nicest guy gets introduced to their community as they heal together and live together as one.  It is broadcast at Monday and Tuesday at 9:50PM.

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