‘You Are Surrounded” Ko Ah Ra and Cha Seung Won’s Revelation

'You Are Surrounded" Ko Ah Ra and Cha Seung Won's Revelation
'You Are Surrounded" Ko Ah Ra and Cha Seung Won's Revelation

Eun Dae Goo started to cry at his mother’s death and revenge from eleven years ago.  Suh Pan Suk and Uh Soo Sun look at Eun Dae Goo like this and checking his identity, they started to cry.

On the episode of SBS “You Are Surrounded” broadcast on June 5, Pan Suk (played by Cha Seung Won) and Uh Soo Sun (played by Ko Ah Ra) started to know about the identit y of Eun Dae Goo (played by Lee Seung Ki).

On this day, Suh Pan Suk went over to Eun Dae Goo and called him “Kim Ji Yong” to check but Eun Dae Goo pretended not to know him.  In the end, they did a DNA test.

Because of this, Suh Pan Suk knew exactly what Eun Dae Goo’s identity was.  Suh Pan Suk looked at Eun Dae Goo and called him quietly up to the rooftop and started to cry.  He then said, “Thank you for staying alive.  I really looked hard for you.”  Nonetheless, Eun Dae Goo said, “No, why are you doing this” and drew pitiful looks.

In addition, Uh Soo Sun also found out Eun Dae Koo’s identity.  She was sure about this and wondered why Eun Dae Goo hid her identity.

At this, Eun Dae Goo started to threaten her saying that if she asks again, he’ll kiss her.  Eun Dae Goo denied this but said, “I’m not Kim Ji Yong but I know him.”

He eventually acknowledged that he was Kim Ji Yong.  He said nonetheless that there was a reason to hide this and that he shouldn’t’ talk to anyone about this.

Uh Soo Sun hid the fact that she was ecstatic to see him and went to the street bars with Eun Dae Goo to ask about his well being.  Then, she hugged him from the back because he had been raised in a right way despite his mother’s death. Such behavior also moved Eun Dae Goo.

Meanwhile, “You Are Surrounded” is a growth novel and romance investigative drama with the background as the Gangnam Police Department and has four newbie police officers and a veteran police sheriff.

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