‘You Are Surrounded” Park Jung Min Exposes Ahn Jae Hyun

'You Are Surrounded" Park Jung Min Exposes Ahn Jae Hyun
'You Are Surrounded" Park Jung Min Exposes Ahn Jae Hyun

Park Jung Min revealed Ahn Hyun’s secret.

On the episode of SBS “You Are Surrounded” broadcast on June 5, Ji Gook (played by Park Jung Min) exposed Tae Il (played by Ahn Jae Hyun)’s secret.

Ji Gook was threatened by the criminal and was extremely excited and anxious when he revealed the fact that Tae Il used to be a doctor in the past.  In the end, the criminal was under control but Tae Il couldn’t hide his disappointment for Ji Gook.

At this, Ji Gook said to Tae Il, “I’m sorry.  I had no intention of revealing your secret but I’m sorry, Tae Il.” At this, Tae Il said, “As long you know” in the coldest way.  However, Ji Gook said, “I was a real popular person in Boo Yeo.  However, this was compared to you.  In Boo Yeo, I was said to be a genius.  He’s pathetic” and talked about the reason that he was upset.

At this, Tae Il showed that he regretted not revealing a secret.  She said, “I feel like I was betrayed by a friend that I trusted.”  He said that he too liked Uh Soo Sun.  At this, Ji Gook said, “Then how am I going to face Detective Uh in the face?” and cried.  At this time, Tae Il started to take care of Ji Gook’s wounds looking at him and Ji Gook made an evaluation saying, “That guy is just distastefully perfect.”  In the end, the two people made up.  On this episode, Pan Suk and Soo Sun found out the identity of Dae Goo.

Meanwhile, “You Are Surrounded” is a growth novel and romance investigative drama with the background as the Gangnam Police Department and has four newbie police officers and a veteran police sheriff.

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