‘You Are Surrounded” Suh Yi Suk Warns Lee Seung Ki

'You Are Surrounded" Suh Yi Suk Warns Lee Seung Ki
'You Are Surrounded" Suh Yi Suk Warns Lee Seung Ki

Drama “You Are Surrounded” Suh Yi Suk warned Lee Seung Ki.

On the episode of SBS “You Are Surrounded” broadcast on June 5, Eun Dae Goo (played by Lee Seung Ki) met the person that had supported him Kang Suk Soon (played by Suh Yi Sook).  They met in secret.

On this episode, Eun Dae Goo met Kang Suk Soon and said, “Suh Pan Suk (played by Cha Seung Won) the detective must have recognized my identity.  I feel like things have sunk and everything is a mess” as he talked about his pain.

At this, Kang Suk Soon said, “Are you still suspicious of Director Suh?  You were so definite in your intention and I placed him under Director Suh” and muttered the end of her answer and showed how unfortunate he felt.

However, Eun Dae Goo said, “The criminal has a pendant in his hand.  In conclusion, the criminal called for the first time in eleven years to Suh Pan Suk.  This is because the criminal knows something about him.  I don’t know but there’s someone that definitely has been pressuring him.

At this, Eun Dae Goo said, “You can’t be so emotional.  At this, the mother’s case will continue to be something that is lost and missing.  Regardless, I’m going to catch him with my own hands.”

At this, Kang Suk Soon said, “You remember the promise I had with you right?  Regardless of anything, that you’ll have the judgment of law.  You’re not going to take things into your own hands.  You have to promise that you won’t seek revenge.” He warned.

Meanwhile, “You Are Surrounded” is a growth novel and romance investigative drama with the background as the Gangnam Police Department and has four newbie police officers and a veteran police sheriff.

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