‘You’re All Surrounded’ Ko Ah Ra Hugs Lee Seung Ki From Back

‘You’re All Surrounded’ Ko Ah Ra Hugs Lee Seung Ki From Back
‘You’re All Surrounded’ Ko Ah Ra Hugs Lee Seung Ki From Back


The SBS Wednesday Thursday drama “You Are All Surrounded” actor Lee Seung Ki cried after coworkers Cha Seung Won and Ko Ah Ra found out about his past. On the ninth episode of the SBS Wednesday Thursday drama “You Are All Surrounded,” which aired on June 5, 2014, Eun Dae Goo, played by Lee Seung Ki, had a confrontation with his boss Suh Pan Suk, played by Cha Seung Won, who had been speculating the idea that Eun Dae Goo and Kim Ji Yong were the same person. Upon testing Eun Dae Goo’s DNA, he found it matched with that of Kim Ji Yong. After meeting Suh Pan Suk, Eun Dae Goo met Uh Soo Sun, played by Ko Ah Ra. She too had noticed that he could be Kim Ji Yong. She said, directly, “Are you Kim Ji Yong?” and added, “Is there any reason why you have to hide that you are Kim Ji Yong? If then, I won’t ask anymore.” Eun Dae Goo explained, “Once again, I am not Kim Ji Yong, but I know him a little bit. And he said that he does have a reason to hide.” Later on when Uh Soo Sun was about to leave, she hugged him from his back, and he shed tears. In related news, the new SBS Wednesday Thursday drama called “You Are All Surrounded” is a story of the entry level police officers in their twenties. It tells a story of the four main characters who were not interested in a career as a detective in the beginning.

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