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‘You’re Too Much’ Koo Hye-seon in the making

'You're Too Much' Koo Hye-seon in the making

The new MBC weekend drama  “You’re Too Much”  star  Koo Hye-seon  completed her first take. She stars in the drama as Jeong Hae-dang, a girl from a wealthy family. She is a bold character who stands up to all obstacles.  “You’re Too Much”  is the life story of star singer Yoo Ji-na and her mimic singer Jeong Hae-dang. The teaser was released on the 15th and several netizens are already anticipating  Koo Hye-seon ‘s return. In the picture,  Koo Hye-seon  has tears in her eyes and is looking ahead at one place. She looks saddened in a background of snow. In the pictures following below, she’s in a charnel house with her family picture. She’s there to see her mother who she comes to see every time she’s exhausted from working on her music. Koo Hye-seon  is about to take on a completely different role in this drama. Source: HanCinema  

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