YouTube Launches Two New Virtual Reality Features On Its Android App

YouTube Launches Two New Virtual Reality Features On Its Android App

YouTube Launches Two New Virtual Reality Features On Its Android App

YouTube has officially announced the launch of its two new Virtual Reality features to smartphone with the latest update for YouTube’s Android app, introduced on its official YouTube blog .
Virtual reality (VR) makes the experience of watching videos even more awesome and immersive. VR videos has very exciting features like 360-degree view, making adjustments to make near things look even more close and far things even more far way.

To try this feature, a user has to just search for VR video on YouTube and then tap the Cardboard icon, drop in the mobile into the Cardboard viewer, which is a handheld gadget made from the standard box material, that creates a VR viewing experience enjoyable.
Users can try out some Cardboard-ready videos over at this exclusive playlist of VR videos on YouTube. YouTube also revealed the news that its viewers can also watch their favorite video or as a matter of fact any video on YouTube using Google Cardboard and gain a virtual movie theatre experience at any place.
VR-enabled videos on YouTube simply require an Android smartphone, the latest version of the YouTube app, and the build-it-yourself cardboard viewing peripheral. Makers of virtual reality content can upload VR videos compatible with the Cardboard viewer directly to YouTube.
YouTube said there are about a dozen VR videos, including one from the “Hunger Games” movies. Google also confirmed that some one million people already own the Cardboard viewer, but which was not enough to satisfy YouTube’s enormous ambitions.
So, YouTube has launched these virtual reality features right before The New York Times ships 1.3 million Google Cardboard sets this weekend, as it debuts its new VR documentary,”The Displaced”,that shows the story of three children and their journey as refugees.
In October 2015, The New York Times announced a partnership with Google for the purpose of producing virtual reality films, and launched its very own virtual reality app called “NYT VR”. The app’s debut was accompanied by two feature films, called The Displaced and the other film shows the making of a New York Times Magazine cover.
The New York Times said that they wanted their readers to have an incredible experience with powerful and moving News’ Virtual Reality videos. Explaining about the new documentary on refugees and the making of magazine cover,
” Reading about refugees is one thing, but watching it in first person through virtual reality is a whole different experience.The New York Times said.  “Likewise, a cursory glance at magazines covers happens every day, but watching the work done behind the magazine covers is incredibly eye opening.”

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